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An incomplete list of garages? That's it?

Just a list of garages

I'm near downtown and this app shows nearest garage is 21 mi away?!? This app is either not using my real location or not calculating the distance correctly. Location service is on, access enabled and shows correct location on map app. In app feedback does not work either. Pretty much just a list of parking garages and poor advertising for Downtown Development Board.


and uninspired

Great app

Great app!

Works great!

Would recommend this to others.


Cool app

On the ball

Very Good idea first rate design

Good concept

I actually heard about the app word of mouth and thought I'd give it a try for fun. I bike to my office downtown so parking isn't a real issue for me, and living downtown further negates the need for an app like this. That being said, to someone who isn't as familiar with downtown parking is a huge hassle to the point the city commissioned an app. Sadly, the slow speed if the app would make it unusable to someone driving (yeah, bad, I know, but let's face reality) and that you can only sort by distance from the Amway arena shows this is only for the arena crowd. Useless is my opinion since for games there are a lot of "freelance" spots at houses and private businesses. Also, the app is missing a few lots. When I do drive to work I don't use any of these lots as they're expensive compared to the ones I use. Which brings up the point that the pricing lists are inaccurate since one lot may charge $2 for an hour, or 2, or you get 30 mins free, or even completely validated such as The Plaza. A nice feature, which requires a lot of work on the city's behalf, is to animate a map of all the parking meters so you can see which ones are taken, pay for them via your iPhone, and get a warning when your time is almost up.


First........ Almost.

Cool, really helps.

Keep up the good work.

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